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Complicated API Documentation

Unfortunately, this application has been archived. It was unable to generate enough interest to pay for it's server costs. It was fun while it lasted!

The complicated API is incredibly simple. It’s only a single endpoint!

Base URL

The API is available at

base_url = ''


The API is authenticated using an API key. You can get your API key from the app once you have initialized it (by installing the app, see Complicated How To). To use the API, append your API key to the base url.

request_url = base_url + api_key
// example:

Update complication text

You can use this new endpoint to update any complication in the app. If you want to copy a pre-prepared link, you can do so from the update link part of the app after selecting a complication.

Note: due to restrictions set by Apple, I can only update a complication every 5-10 minutes. The exact rate varries based on a variety of factors (battery life, cellular connectivity, etc). For this reason, you may not see updates as soon as they are sent. If you need updates immedietely please use the Push Notifications

All requests are GET requests

The endpoint structure is as follows:

GET<api key>/<complication type>?value=<new value>

The values you need to fill in here are:

Example request


This request will set the modularLarge complication to:

AAPL $152.29

Note: Watch OS Only lets you change a complication ~15 times and hour. More than that and you likely will get rate limited.

If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out. My email is

Sending Push Notifications

If you have a Pro subscription you can send notifications as well as complication updates using a simple addition to your request.

Just include one the the following parameters in the URL:

Example Request With Notification


This will set the modularLarge complication, and notify your phone & watch with a push notification that contains:

Print Progress 100%

Other Tutorials

Here are some other resources to help you use Complicated: