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How to make custom Apple Watch complications with Complicated

Unfortunately, this application has been archived. It was unable to generate enough interest to pay for it's server costs. It was fun while it lasted!

What is Complicated?

Complicated is an iOS app that makes it easy to create custom apple watch complications with WebHooks.

Step 0: Download Complicated

Complicated is available on the app store, to get started download it here:

Step 1: Intialize Complicated

In order to initialize complicated, you need to add a complicated complication to your active watch face. This can be done either through the Watch app on your phone, or from the watch itself.

Show on Phone Phone Add Complicated Watch Add Complicated

Once you have installed the complication, open the Complicated app to initialize.

Step 2: Choose a complication

Select the complication that you want to update using the selector in the Complicated App. You can use the preview screen to determine which complication is which.

Show on Phone

Once you have selected a complication you want to update, tap the “Update Link (Tap to copy)” button in the bottom part of the app. This will copy the update link to your phone’s clipboard. If you have a MacOS computer, it should automatically sync this to your computer’s clipboard via iCloud.

The simplest way to update a link is via Curl in your command line. Simply paste your link in, and append a new value.

curl <Your update link>NewValue

Full Example:



For more details see the API Documentation

If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out. My email is

Other Tutorials

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