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AirPods Side by Side Comparison

I recently bought AirPods on I would normally only ever shop on Amazon, but Amazon famously doesn’t sell Apple products so I had to look elsewhere. An independent reseller on Walmart (Xgears) was selling them for a (in hindsight, suspiciously) much lower price than retail ($135 at the time, down from $160). So I thought I would give Walmart a try.

5 weeks, 6 emails and 2 tracking numbers later, I finally recieved my “AirPods” from the Walmart seller. And as you can see, they were not quite what I was expecting. It looks like a surprising amount of effort went into making the fake “AirPods” passable physical recreations, but I can’t even pair them with my phone so I can’t tell you how they compare on the audio side.

Although is trying to sell itself as the new Amazon, it still has a long way to come, and a lot of lessons to learn before posing any threat.

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